15,800 Words in Four Days

So as it turns out, there is an upside to going back to school and not having a functional car (both rather depressing tales I’d rather not get into just now). Faced with many hours with nothing in particular to do while waiting for my girlfriend to get off work, I’ve been workin’ on that novel. To be more specific, I finished it.

No, seriously. As the title says, I estimate I wrote 15,800 words in four days’ time; I say estimate because it’s not on a computer but rather in 10-cent spiral notebooks I stocked up on at a back-to-school sale years ago. This was enough to make the push to the finish line. I hardly believed it happened. I got there, and had to consciously remind myself, “Oh yeah, this is the end of the story.” I’ve been working on this particular iteration of the story for two-and-a-half years (there have been several others), but it’s the first one I’ve finished.

Well, it’s not an end exactly, since it’s meant to be the first of a series, but I don’t think I left too much hanging. But we can talk about that later.

I’ll probably let it gestate for a couple weeks and then start editing the heck out of it (because, honestly, it’s a mess right now–I left many of the finer details to the wind in order to just keep going).

If only I was always this productive . . .

(Oh, as a side note, I think the movie reviews I wrote actually helped get the writing juices flowing again. Thanks, Criterion!)

Update: the whole thing stands at about 113,000 words, if you were curious.

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