No Script Frenzy for Me :/

Well, Script Frenzy starts tomorrow; I participated in it in its first year and “won” according to their current rules, and didn’t do squat for it last year. I’ve got a few ideas on the burner, but nothing really developed enough for my liking . . . aaand I kinda promised myself I would complete a rough draft of my fantasy novel before I graduated (May 15), so I should stick to that methinks.

I’ve actually made significant progress on said novel since last publicly admonishing myself. I’ve been writing some of it longhand in a 10-cent spiral notebook (back-to-school sales for teh win!). I enjoy this because (a) I have a more visceral connection to the words, my hand aches and I feel like I have “worked” when I’m done (b) on a computer I can’t help but edit as I go along, writing in ink it’s not that easy and I just keep going (c) it might be my imagination but I seem to write more concisely (while still getting the point across) when I am forced to scribble every letter (d) I can do it anywhere (it’s 2009 and I’m still laptop-less) (e) I am less distracted by important things like lolcats and Benny Hill-ifying Youtube videos (f) I am not obsessively checking my word count, because I can’t.

So, I guess what I’m saying is, it works for me and I like it. And computers can be counterproductive sometimes.

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