My Idiotic Criterion Challenge (w/Index of Reviews)

I’m going to watch every movie in the Criterion Collection, some 500+ (and growing) films deemed important or influential to world cinema. Then, because I am equal parts reckless and nerdy, I will write a review of each film after viewing it. (This is not an original idea; see The Criterion Contraption for starters.)

Theoretically Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why, 500+ films, you say? Even at a brisk one per week, this project will take you 10 years, not to mention new releases! Are you crazy or just bad at math?

A: I’m actually an engineering student; my math skills are just fine.

Q: Are you tackling the collection in any particular order?

A: No, I already own 15 or so of them and will likely start with those, the rest will be rented via Netflix because I am cheap. Or poor, I forget. I’ll watch almost anything once so I’m not worried about neglecting parts of the catalog.

Q: Do you have a background in film or film criticism?

A: No, I just like movies, and find writing about them good mental exercise, and I might just learn a thing or two along the way.

Q: You’re some pathetic wannabe director, aren’t you?

A: No need to get personal. Jeez.

Index of Criterion Collection Reviews by Spine Number:

215. Knife in the Water
389. WR: Mysteries of the Organism
496. Che